In or Out: Emma Stone in Fendi

Posted on June 15, 2012

Is Emma’s team just fucking with her? Is there some sort of Gaslight scenario going on behind the scenes, with evil queens slowly driving her mad by pushing her out in front of cameras looking slightly ridiculous?

Emma Stone attends the ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ premiere in Seoul, South Korea in a Fendi dress paired with Stella McCartney pumps and Cartier jewelry.

Fendi Pre-Fall 2012 Collection

Stella McCartney Platform Pump

We’ll start off with this: we absolutely love this dress. But it’s clearly not an easy dress to wear and not the kind of dress that’s going to suit a wide range of types. We think Emma could pull this off, but the styling here is distressing. We don’t know how a belt would work with this dress, but we think there’s an issue with the fact that it’s so shapeless on her. Those shoes are a bit ridiculously matchy and just busy enough to pull focus from the dress. We think a bracelet would have been a nice way to bring color.

We think her lip is way too pink. Let’s see… what else…? Oh, right. She’s sporting fucking B-52 hair for some ridiculous reason. Maybe Emma Stone can work a hairstyle like this (we have doubts), but no one should make the attempt while wearing something so loud. She’s heading into drag territory there. We don’t know what it is about the people being paid to put her together, but for some reason they’re determined to ignore the fact that clean and simple styles are what suit her the best. When you start getting fussy or too-cute with the details (like giving her Patsy Stone hair), it doesn’t look right.

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To our surprise, Zoe Saldana’s granny chic came down to a close vote, but in the end it was voted OUT.


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