Emma Stone in Carven

Posted on June 26, 2012

Good morning. Attached please find your Recommended Daily Allowance of Stone. Failing to consume your RDA of Stone will cause dropsy, rickets, and miner’s cough, rendering you pretty much unlovable.

Just look at the pictures, okay?


Emma Stone lights The Empire State Building in New York City in a Carven dress paired with Christian Louboutin nude ‘Pigalle’ pumps and Dalla Nonna Jewelry.

Tottering around in 4-inch heels and at least an hour’s worth of hair and makeup; surrounded by male co-stars in jeans and sneakers. Such is the way of the red carpet.

Carven Pre-Fall 2012 Collection

Dalla Nonna ‘Portafortuna’ Stud Earrings

Dalla Nonna ‘Portafortuna’ Stacking Rings


It’s like Little Orphan Annie grew up and got a job in an office. It’s cute, though. And it suits her. That weird drape in the front is distracting, but we suppose the dress would be too boring without it. She needs to stop wearing that same pair of shoes; not because they’re the same pair of shoes, but because they’re at least a size too large for her. We hope her stylist packed some Band-aids for her feet.

And we’re sorry, but her makeup has looked incredibly odd and unflattering throughout this press tour. Her eyes always look swollen, like she’s been crying. Then again, we’d be crying constantly if we were tottering around in 4-inch heels a size too large for us every day for the last two weeks.


[Photo Credit: Getty, elle.com, dallanonnajewelry.com]

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