Charlize Theron in Beverly Hills

Posted on June 12, 2012

Don’t worry, Charlize. We’re not going to slam your outfit and the only thing we’re going to say about your baby is that he’s so cute it’s ridiculous.


Charlize Theron in Beverly Hills, California.

Cardigan by Lynne Hiriak Crew Neck

We don’t care if you’re wearing a man’s hat (something that sets off eye-twitches in us nine times out of ten). We don’t care that you apparently shaved your head for the next Mad Max movie, even though that usually sets us off on a tangent as to why sci-fi action films so often require the female leads to shave their heads as if the only way a woman can be tough is if she looks as much like a man as possible. Or that she has to excise her girlcooties before she can play in the boys’ sandbox. We think turnabout is fair play and men in action movies should all be required to shave their legs.

Anyway, we don’t care about any of that, as you can clearly see. We just wanted to say “Huzzah!” in response to the effortless chic this outfit so perfectly embodies. Well done, you. We can’t quibble with one detail. It’s an adorable daytime look.

And we repeat: that babymuffin is ridiculous.

Also: we don’t really say things like “Huzzah!”


[Photo Credit: KM-GSI,]

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