Blake Lively at the Charlie Rose Show (x2)

Posted on June 29, 2012

Such is the life of the modern celebrity that she has to come up with two different outfits for talk show appearances: the one she arrives in and the one she wears on the air. Honestly, celebrity etiquette is getting more and more ridiculously complicated as time goes on and everyone from photographers to jewelry makers figures out new ways to showcase their wares.

Blake Lively arrives at the “Charlie Rose” show to promote her new movie “Savages” in a Marios Schwab dress paired with Giuseppe Zanotti sandals.

Marios Schwab Fall 2012 Collection

Giuseppe Zanotti Bejeweled Two-Tone Bow-Toe Sandal

Love all the pieces here – especially the skirt, which looks great on her – but the top is giving her serious uniboob and the bows on the shoes a re just a bit too much. Still, she looks pretty good.

Then she did this:

Blake Lively makes an appearance on the “Charlie Rose” show to promote her new movie “Savages” in a Monique Lhuillier dress paired with Christian Louboutin sandals.

Monique Lhuillier Resort 2013 Collection [Modified Version]

Christian Louboutin ‘Crazy Fur’ Sandal

And we’re sorry, but that’s all kinds of wrong. The skirt’s all weird and wonky-looking and the dress really doesn’t look right without a belt of some kind. And the pink fungus growing on the back of her heels looks utterly ridiculous.

How does someone veer so wildly from looking good to looking like ass? How do they manage to make the trip in the same day? She prides herself on not utilizing a stylist, but we’re convinced more than ever that on the occasions she gets it right, she just lucked into it. Because come on, if designers are throwing hundreds of thousands of dollars of dresses, shoes, bags, and jewelry at you, how hard is it to occasionally leave the house looking pretty good? It seems to us she has no idea how to put a look together and when she wanders away from the really big names like Chanel and Gucci, she tends to do much worse.


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