Ashley Greene in Los Angeles

Posted on June 14, 2012

Ashley Greene, we are standing at our desks, clapping, and shouting “Brava, darling! BRAVA!”


Ashley Greene out and about in Los Angeles in a DKNY dress. 

DKNY Spring 2012 Collection

Because you could’ve just hit the streets in a pair of cutoffs and Uggs or something similarly painful to look at. But you didn’t. You leaped out of bed that morning, threw on that dress, grabbed a cute dog from a passerby, and said, “I’MA MAKE A STATEMENT, TODAY. CHECK ME, WORLD.” You didn’t have to wear a dress, but you went for it anyway. And you look pretty damn chic.

Now, we wouldn’t presume to tell a woman what a woman ought to think, but if a woman’s gotta think, think PINK!

Sorry. Just had to spew that. It’s like a form of Gay Tourettes.


Granted, it’s a near-certainty that you knew you were going to be photographed, but hey, even then a lot of ladystars hit the sidewalk in horribly ugly and unfabulous outfits, so you’re a winner either way, darling. Think pink.

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