2012 MTV Movie Awards Red Carpet – Part 2

Posted on June 04, 2012

Hit it, curiously underdressed D-Listers!


Alex Frnka

 The dress is cute but everything north of the neck is pure second shift at the coffee shop.


Amber Rose

It looks like there’s some sort of minty fungus growing all over her.


Andy Samberg

 Dorky cute, but otherwise unworthy of discussion.


Booboo Stewart

 Unworthy of discussion.


Brooke Hogan

 A white-hot explosion of tacky.


Ciara in Balmain

 Really, honey?


Drita D’Avanzo

It’s not bad as far as pink leather dresses go (And how’s THAT for a perfect example of damning with faint praise?), but the shoes were a bridge too far. So was the cuff, probably.


Emma Watson in Brood

 Not bad. Nothing to write home about, but she looks good and we like that she doesn’t look precious.


Greer Grammer

 We weep over those accessories. Go home, Barbie.


Jessica Biel in Chanel

The dress is kind of cool, but those shoes make her feet look big. And her eye makeup is weird. She can’t rock a winged eye, it seems.

Jessica Lu

 Frilly hors d’oeuvre toothpick.


Josh Hutcherson

 Go home and start over, Archie Bunker.


Mario Lopez

 Did he suddenly slim down or is he just wearing a gigantic jacket?


Mark Wahlberg



Mila Kunis in Fendi

 Strangely unflattering on her.


Nicky Hilton

 Upholstery fabric.


Nikki Deloach

We are struck dumb. No, really. Been staring at this one for ten minutes and any bitchery skills we might possess have shorted out completely. That is one seriously ugly dress. It looks like something you’d see on a mannequin in a fabric store window, made out of swatches of mismatched fabric because some employee was bored and they had a lot of unusable stock.


Victoria Justice in Erin Fetherston

 Wilma Flintstone as Carrie Bradshaw.


ZZ Ward

 ZZ can’t stay long. She’s hot on the trail of some diamond smugglers who kidnapped an heiress.


[Photo Credit: PR Photos, Getty]

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