RuPaul’s Drag Race Reunion

Posted on May 01, 2012

What a sad, silly way to end a decent season of the show.


Don’t get us wrong; we like the idea of LOGO putting on a staged dragstravaganza, but we’d rather see them attempt it as a variety show or series of specials rather than as a hastily put-together afterthought for a reality competition season.

And we’ll say it (because we kept saying it last night, over and over again): This is the kind of stuff RPDR used to make fun of. In fact, making fun of this kind of stuff was the entire reason we fell in love with the show in the first place.

And when we say “this stuff,” we mean ALL. THIS… STUFF; unfunny comedy bits with awkward performers playing to the back row badly, “Tell us about your feelings,” Oprahsizing (complete with utterly groan-worthy “Does your father still not talk to you?” tearbait questions), and utterly insincere “We’re all family, even though you’re a bitch who said mean things about me” emotional moments.

And we didn’t believe a word of this story. There was something else there and we’re just gonna be irresponsible bloggers and throw out our suspicions to be picked over: Willam’s whole story line was planned out. She was never going to win and in exchange for that, she got a highly visible exit from the show which is only going to help her career.

You know it’s true. She was a ringer. It’s not the first time the show’s used them.

But at least the right gal won Miss Congeniality…

And the right gal won overall.

The ladies all looked pretty fabulous, by the way. We weren’t totally in love with Phi Phi’s look, but she looked more polished than she ever had before.

Look, we just don’t have much to say about the episode. It was painfully dull and a terrible way to end the season, even if the wins shook out exactly as we wanted them to. In the end, there was no tension or emotional payoff. We sat there last night, bored out of our minds, occasionally letting our heads roll back as we muttered to the ceiling “shoot me.” This usually happened during those aforementioned Oprah-esque “show us on the doll where you were hurt” moments.

Ru, where is the C.U.N.T. in that; we ask you?

We would have rather seen them announce the winner last week, when all three of them were sweaty and exhausted, post lip-synch. Doing it like this just felt like an afterthought. And because they apparently shot three endings to keep the identity of the winner from being released, the actual moment where Sharon got crowned felt staged and unemotional. Bleh. There are better ways to end a season and better ways to keep results from being leaked. We’re happy for Sharon and we feel kind of bad for her because we think if she’d been crowned in a slightly more conventional manner (as in, at the actual end of the competition), everyone would be more excited for her. As it is, we suspect everyone’s talking this morning about how lame that “reunion” was.

Ru, take the show back to its dirty, sarcastic, low-rent, bitchy beginnings. Trying to turn it into American Idol is a huge mistake.


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