Rihanna’s Capsule Collection for Armani

Posted on May 14, 2012

Everyone’s favorite wig model, Rihanna, has put forth her second capsule collection for Armani. Mr. Press Release has something to say about THAT:

“The spirit is classic American denim with a vintage feel and features three pieces of denim, four T-shirts, a leather jacket and a canvas bag in two sizes.

Given that Rihanna is known for being so feminine and sensual, it may come as a surprise to find the designs boyish in their style. A classic tartan pri–“

Actually, we’re going to cut you off there, Mr. Press Release, because you’re already starting to get boring and besides, we don’t really agree with your premise. These clothes aren’t surprising at all because they look like they came right out of Rihanna’s own closet.


Seriously. It’s about as direct an interpretation of one person’s style as you could ask for. If you dig Ri’s style, then these are the clothes for you. They’re cute, but we think they take a special gal to pull some of them off. Far be it for us to dictate to ladies what they can and cannot wear, so we won’t single out any one


piece, though.




[Photo Credit: armani.com]

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