Pairs Division: Paquin and Moyer

Posted on May 31, 2012

Sookie and Lady Clairol are back!

Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer attend HBO’s “True Blood” Season 5 Los Angeles Premiere. Anna Paquin wore a Rachel Comey dress paired with Casadei shoes. Clutch by Christian Louboutin. Jewelry by Stephen Webster.

Rachel Comey Spring 2012 Collection

Before we get to the part where we tell them that everything they are doing here is wrong, let’s reveal our scintillating relationship with True Blood. Lorenzo got into it a couple of years ago, even though he admitted with every discussion that the show was campy bordering on crappy. It didn’t matter. He was hooked. Tom sat down once, his curiosity piqued, and couldn’t make it through ten minutes.

“Jesus! How can you WATCH that?”

“Oh shut up and watch your Doctor Who DVDs, nerd.”


Lorenzo’s pretty much past his True Blood addiction and Tom will point and laugh at anyone in the comments section who attempts to tell him he should watch it. Onward, bitches.

SHE: Is wearing one of the worst Frankendresses we’ve seen in some time. It looks like this dress was designed by a 5-year-old, on scrap paper, with a Sharpie. It’s possible that a world-class clothes-wearer could make a dress like this work (possibly a Swinton or Blanchett), but part of Anna’s appeal is that she’s kind of real-world approachable  and charming, and even at her best, she tends to look a little askew. She’s not preternaturally polished and poised. In other words, this dress is bad, but it may just be a case of it being outside her wheelhouse. The hair and makeup are pretty, though. The shoes are generic. Score: 5/10. Girl, that really isn’t your dress. It might not be anybody’s.

HE: Has GOT to stop trolling the CVS aisles for his hair color. Moyer, you’re a TV star. If you’re paying anything less than 300 dollars a session to have your hair colored, you’re being cheap – and it shows. Either that color’s coming straight out of a bottle, or you’re paying a technician who’s never heard of highlights or lowlights. The suit, on the other hand, is great. Oh sure, the hems are a skosh long and anytime someone wears a black dress shirt without a tie, we’re going to think of mafiosos or bouncers at a strip club, but it suits him, for the most part. Score: 7/10. We’re being kind because we like the suit but that hair color should really get him an automatic 1/10. Fix that mess, Missy.

Combined Score: 6/10. At first we thought we were being too harsh on these two, but if anything, that’s a pretty decent score, considering her dress and his hair.

[Photo Credit: David Gabber, Andrew Evans, Richard Shotwell/PR Photos,]

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