Pairs Division: Lutz and Vinson

Posted on May 07, 2012

Matchy accessories make our eyes twitch but matchy couples make our eyes bleed.


Kellan Lutz and his girlfriend Sharni Vinson attend the Unbridled Eve Gala in Louisville, Kentucky.

So we are not inclined to be kind here, what with our currently bleeding eyeballs making it difficult to type and all.

SHE: Looks fine, actually. It’s a chic little Halstonesque throwback of a dress. We don’t particularly love the color on her, though; an issue made worse by choosing that hat to give that salmony pink even more attention. It’s all a bit too matchy to itself. Some contrast was called for here. Also, she needs to be introduced to the wonderful world of combs. Score: 5/10, mostly because of that horrible hair.

HE: Is gay.

Okay, no. We shouldn’t say that. Everything here is really cute – if maybe a little too cute, i.e., pink striped tie – and that newsboy cap looks heavy and doesn’t really go with the rest of the outfit, but overall the look is very dapper. It’s also very “look at my body” tight to a rather ridiculous extent. Nothing on him fits him correctly. In fact, these pieces aren’t just poorly fitted, they’re at least a size too small for him. He is also wearing way too much bronzer and we’re pretty sure he’s sporting lip gloss. Kellan, there’s a point where caring about how you look tips over into obsessing about it and that’s exactly when your hotness levels deflate rapidly. Think about that. Score: 5/10.

Combined Score: 5/10. Told you we weren’t inclined to be kind.

[Photo Credit: Michael Loccisano/Getty Images]

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