Lindsay Lohan in New York City

Posted on May 04, 2012

Oh, what the hell. Let’s pay a little attention to her. She’s trying so hard, after all.



Isabel Marant ‘Esso’ Cotton Jacket

Prada Leopard Platform Pumps

The internet cracked in half last month at the news that Lindsay Lohan will be the only actress ever allowed to play Elizabeth Taylor unto the end of time or something. We thought it sounded like a lot of tsuris over a Lifetime movie. We’ll stick with our plea to Hollywood to cast Winslet and Craig as Taylor and Burton. We want to see Kate done up in full Cleopatra drag. That’d be a hoot.

Anyway, Lindsay. The very high point of our blogging career was when we got to see her drunkenly stumble right past us on the way out of a party, after air-kissing Donatella Versace. No, really. That actually happened. In our very non-expert opinion, she looks a lot cleaner these days than she did back then. We’re all going to collectively hold our breath for her, it seems, no matter what she does. Say what you will about her talents and her personal life, the girl’s a star, whether we all agree that should be the case or not. She simply refuses to fade away and the public clearly doesn’t want her to. Might as well start giving her work again to see if she can pull an audience.

As for this getup, it’s fine. She looks comfy and warm. The sash on the jacket is oddly placed, though. And we’re not huge fans of animal print shoes, but they do tend to bring a little fun and style to the look.

This concludes the Lindsay Lohan and name-dropping portions of our program. Talk amongst yourselves.


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