Lady Gaga in Moschino

Posted on May 03, 2012

Steffi, what’s wrong?

Lady Gaga steps out of her hotel in Hong Kong wearing a black and white wool dress with gold button detail by Moschino.

Moschino Fall 2012 Collection/Model: Emily Baker

If we were friends, we would totally take this dress as a sign of suicidal ideation and put her on 24-hour watch. On a normal human being, this is a super-cute dress; on Gaga, it’s a radical turn of events that makes everyone uncomfortable. This dress is the equivalent of one of your friends wandering around her neighborhood in nothing but dirty panties. On her head. You’d get concerned.

But she’s smiling and she looks pretty and she did manage to Gaga it up with some fetish pumps. And who knows? Maybe she rigged it up with some sort of stage effect and lasers will shoot out of her area or the whole thing explodes off her in a meat shower. Or wait! It’s a new character of some sort! Pilgrim-at-a-funeral-in-fuck-me-pumps! It means something!

Or maybe Steffi just felt like looking cute that day. In which case, well done, Steffi.


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