Kristen Stewart in Marchesa

Posted on May 15, 2012

T and Lo are fighting again. Over a dress. But this time, we’re not just on opposite sides; we’re continents, if not galaxies away from each other.



Kristen Stewart attends the World Premiere of “Snow White And The Huntsman” in London in a Marchesa gown.

Marchesa Fall 2012 Collection/Model: Lara Mullen

Lorenzo thinks this look is stunning, The lacework is intricate and interesting, and combined with the hair and makeup, offers an extremely sophisticated look. He commends her for making the effort, because he thinks that these types of dresses are not at all easy to pull off and well outside her wheelhouse. He also thinks, since he saw this dress walk the runway in February, that this dress doesn’t photograph well at all and that in all likelihood, she looked even more stunning in person.

Tom thinks this is easily one of the least attractive garments he’s seen in ages – and he thought so back in February when he watched it walk the runway as well. He appreciates the skeleton motif and thinks that’s one of the few elements that actually works and is beautiful in a dark sort of way. It’s all those patches of black lace that he hates, and how they break her body into components. Wrinkled components. All that ruffling and shirring is so oddly placed that the dress seems determined to do everything it can to work against a woman’s natural shape. He gives her all the credit in the world for making the attempt to wear something like this and it certainly fits with the “dark fairy tale” theme of the movie, but ultimately this isn’t just a dress to tough for her to pull off, it’s a dress that no one can really pull off.

So who’s right here? Remember: your answer will determine whether or not we put you in our will.

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