Introducing… The T Lo Whiteboard

Posted on May 21, 2012

Darlings, when you are internationally famous, jet-setting super-bloggers like ourselves, you find that there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get to all the fabulous things you want to write about. Or you find that there’s plenty of material to write about; you just don’t have anything to say about it. We can’t count how many times we turned down a post on a dress or a collection or an accessory simply because we reached our limit for the day or because we look at the pictures, go “Hunh,” and can’t manage to work up a sentence, let alone a paragraph.

But that deprives you, our beloved minions, from the fabulosity that is regularly passing in front of our eyes. Our solution? A virtual whiteboard, just like the ones we each have hanging over our desks in our respective offices, dripping with pictures and bits of inspiration. Think of it like a Pinterest account or Tumblr blog here on our site; all pictures, no text.

In other words, we provide the pictures; you provide the opinions.

This will, of course, takes nothing away from the content on the front page. You’re still going to get the roughly 50 posts per week you normally get, chock full of bitchery and fun. The Whiteboard is a supplemental packet to your T Lo experience; a place where the Bitter Kittens can argue amongst themselves whether a dress works or a bag is ugly.

So, you can access the Whiteboard through the link in the menu at the top, or you can access the three most-recent Whiteboard posts individually, which will be displayed in the upper-left column of the front page.

Have fun, darlings!

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