In or Out: Katy Perry in Twenty Cluny

Posted on May 14, 2012

We’ve been ragging on Katy a lot lately, but we kinda dig this look for having a low-key, goth-inspired elegance to it.

Katy Perry attends the Music Biz 2012 Awards Dinner Party in a Twenty Cluny dress paired with Christian Louboutin pumps.

Christian Louboutin Lucifer Spike Bow Pump

Oh, sure the sheer skirt thing is very played out, as far as we’re concerned, but this is at least an interesting take on it. And at least there’s no goddamn black lace involved. It’s one of the few times we think her current hair color has really worked for her and despite what looks like an overuse of blush, we like the makeup here. The shoes are well-chosen too. The only thing that bothers us – and it’s a big thing – are the visible bra straps. Obviously, she needs her support and obviously, a dress like this makes it difficult to camouflage that support, but if you can’t figure out a way to wear this dress without showing off the infrastructure, then maybe you should have put it back on the rack, dear.

But it’s SO CLOSE, right?


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IN! So close that I’m willing to forgive a little boobular support!


OUT! No. Visible bra straps are totally trailer park.

Eva Green’s somewhat heavier take on goth-inspired elegance received an enthusiastic IN from the minions.


[Photo Credit: Andrew Evans/PR Photos,]

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