Girl, That’s Not Your Dress: Eva Green

Posted on May 09, 2012

We wanted to like this. In the thumbnails, we did like this. But once you get the whole picture, it kinda falls apart.

Eva Green attends the premiere of “Dark Shadows” in LA in Tom Ford.

Tom Ford Fall 2011 Collection

It’s a spectacular dress, no doubt about it. It’s also yet another beaded lace gown, which means that, unfortunately for Eva, T Lo has hit the wall on complimenting beaded lace gowns. Our main issue with this dress is that it looks so godawful heavy. If she wasn’t so covered up, the effect could be greatly reduced. Picture this gown with a lower neckline and cap sleeves and all the problems go away. When it comes down to it, we simply can’t look at a dress like this without automatically wondering how much she’s sweating underneath it and how heavy it must be to wear. She looks exhausted and worn out from the effort.

Eva, honey, you look best in soignee Halston-esque styles, like that InStyle UK spread you did. Pack this dress up and ship it off to Anne Hathaway, who has a talent for working heavy gowns. She’s got that ramrod-straight posture and apparently, she doesn’t sweat.


[Photo Credit: PR Photos, Getty]

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