Gant Spring/Summer 2012 Sunglasses

Posted on May 30, 2012

Boys! Let’s all go try on some sunglasses! It’s our favorite thing to do!

Normally, we’re pretty good about not being too extravagant with our clothing purchases, but when sunglasses season rolls around, we have to sometimes be physically restrained lest we wind up buying 30 or so. We love trying on sunglasses the way some women love trying on shoes. It’s therapeutic. And since the fine folks at Gant have a tendency to produce items that make us salivate, we are wimpering and scratching at our screens like starving puppies at the site of some of these beauties.












Here are the ones for whom we would cut a bitch: Wolfie, Moresby, Gavin, and Jax; possibly Greg and Chester, but they’d be harder for us to pull off. And you, Boykittens? Which ones are you trying on in front of the pretend-mirror?

Oh fine, girlkittens. We know you want to play too.


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