Freida Pinto at Cannes (X2)

Posted on May 17, 2012

Darlings, let’s pit Freida Pinto against her nemesis, who for the purposes of this experiment, we will call Schmeida Schminto.

First, Freida:

Freida Pinto attends the Opening Ceremony and screening of “Moonrise Kingdom” at Cannes in a Michael Angel gown paired with Chopard earrings and a white gold ring from the Precious Temptations collection. Bag and shoes by Louis Vuitton.

To us, this is an initial-impact dress, which loses some of it the longer you look at it. The bodice is very pretty, but the bust sits on her kinda funny. Ditto the skirt, which is pretty, but we don’t like all that foofaraw around her hips. Simplify that skirt and fit that bust a little better, and this would be a killer.

And now, the dark and dangerous Schmeida:

Freida Pinto attends the Opening Night Dinner after the screening of “Moonrise Kingdom” at Cannes in a Versace gown.

Definitely very dramatic, but if we were to feature this dress on its own, we think it’d be a Girl, That’s Not Your Dress post and we’d tell her to ship it off to Helen Mirren. It just doesn’t feel very young, y’know?. It also looks a little big on her. It’s a gorgeous dress, but we’re not loving how it looks on her.

So, poodles, which lady won this round, Freida or Schmeida?


[Photo Credit: DLM Press/, Getty]

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