Christa B. Allen in Naeem Khan

Posted on May 24, 2012

Poodles, we may as well be perfectly upfront about it: We’re featuring these pictures for purely selfish reasons.


Christa B. Allen attends the Disney Media Networks’ International Upfront in a Naeem Khan dress paired with Aperlai shoes. Clutch by Kotur. Earrings by Neil Lane.

Naeem Khan Resort 2012 Collection

Aperlai Spring 2012 Collection

SUPER cute and sassy dress, right? Too bad about the woodshop project shoes. They’re so wrong for that dress it’s almost hilarious. Thank God these celebrities can’t dress themselves for shit; otherwise we’d never have anything to talk about.

Okay, here’s why we featured these pics: As good minions know, Christa plays the perpetually drugged and terminally stupid Charlotte Grayson on Revenge, where we’ve enjoyed her in such scenes as “Mom, I hate you for lying to me!” and “Declan! I hate you for lying to me!” And as REALLY good minions know, last night was the season finale for Revenge. What NO minions realize, and what we are about to tell you, is that T and Lo had to do some traveling yesterday, and today we have to take care of some real-world bidness (Okay fine: We’re shooting something for TV, okay?), which means…

We didn’t get to watch Revenge last night and we won’t have a recap up until late this afternoon at the very earliest. Also, posting today will be slightly sporadic.

*runs away*

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