Bella Heathcote (X2)

Posted on May 10, 2012

Actress-we-never-heard-of-before Bella Heathcote has an awesome name which sounds like a character in a 19th Century novel, and an impressive ability to really switch up her look on the red carpet.

For her Los Angeles premiere, she couldn’t have looked sunnier or more wholesome.

Bella Heathcote attends the premiere of “Dark Shadows” in Los Angeles in a Chanel Spring 2012 dress paired with Jason Wu sandals and Rona Pfeiffer jewelry.

Downright angelic. We call giant bangs like hers “booms” but we gotta say, she’s got the face to sport some booms. This look is pretty much perfect. We can’t find anything to complain about and it quietly makes an impact without seeming like it’s screaming for attention, which is exactly what an actress without a household name (yet) should be doing when she’s got a big film opening.

But then she went off to Jolly Old London Towne with a pip, pip, a cheerio, and a much darker look:

Bella Heathcote attends the premiere of “Dark Shadows” in London in an Emilio Pucci navy lace tiered ruffle dress with keyhole back from the Fall 2012 collection.

Which almost works for her except we don’t really like the dress. Too fussy and weirdly shaped. Also: black lace, which has become, we’re convinced, the mark of the devil and needs to be exorcised from the world’s red carpets. We are prepared to station ourselves at the Oscars next year with buckets of holy water.

Interestingly enough, she can work this kind of darker, sexier, edgy look easily as well as she can the more angelic one without really changing much about her styling. We like the idea of her working both sides of the coin, but she’s got to pick something a little less fussy than this for the dark side.

Even so, our ears, they are perked up. She’s making a splash and good for her. We’re keeping a couple of eyes on her.

[Photo Credit: PR Photos]

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