Anne Hathaway in Miami

Posted on May 14, 2012

Oh, Annie. We know how it is. You’re a busy girl, dashing about all over the world, shooting movies and promoting them, and sometimes the little details get lost along the way.

Anne Hathaway at Miami International Airport.

Little details like pants.

We are about to be pilloried for this, but if that shirt was just a little bit longer, this could almost pass for chic. No, really. In that “movie star dashing through an airport” kinda way. Although the bags look decidedly unimpressive. We’d have to work on that, dear. We’re pretty sure you can wrangle some free luggage so long as you make sure the labels always face the paparazzi.

What does everyone think of her Fantine hair?


[Photo Credit: Brett Kaffee/Thibault Monnier,]

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