Allison Williams in Donna Karan

Posted on May 01, 2012

Here is a picture of Allison Williams in a very pink dress.

Girl‘s Allison Williams attends The Breast Cancer Research Foundation’s ‘Hot Pink Party’ in NYC in a Donna Karan dress.

It’s a pretty dress, if a little on the standard side of things, but we suppose one would strive for standard at a breast cancer event. Not to mention pink. Our only real issue is with the shoes, but you knew that already, didn’t you?

No, we really just slapped this picture up because we wanted to talk about the series she’s currently co-starring in, HBO’s Girls. Here is what we want to say about HBO’s Girls: Everyone needs to shut the fuck up about HBO’s Girls. It’s just a TV show, bitches. You don’t have to devote 600,000 words a day on the topic. Yes, the show is too white for Brooklyn; yes the characters and the women who play them are all insanely privileged. Guess what? Welcome to the entire rest of the entertainment industry, which is run by the privileged and tends only toward representations of white, Christian heterosexuals. You’d think all of these bloggers and critics wringing their hands over this show had just arrived on this planet. But really, they’re all het up because this time, all the characters look like people the average entertainment blogger or television critic knows. It’s the only reason why this show is getting so damn much attention.

Also, this: Everyone needs to shut up about how Girls is nothing like Sex and the City when anyone with half an eye and a functioning nervous system can see that it is. Four characters so distinctly different from each other that they’re close to archetypal, navigating through New York City via their careers, their friendships, and the men they sleep with and date. Puh-leeze, bitches. It’s younger, hipper, and less focused on material pursuits, but it’s totally Sex and the City. This reminds us of that period when Gaga broke into the mainstream and every entertainment journalist politely pretended she wasn’t doing a Madonna riff.

But we like the show! Really! We’re not falling all over it in love or anything, but it’s an entertaining 30 minutes. This concludes our discussion on HBO’s Girls.

Also, that dress is just way too pink for this early in the morning. We’re going to need another cup to get our retinas to calm down.


[Photo Credit: Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images]

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