Yea or Nay: Marc Jacobs’ Sneaker Wedges

Posted on April 10, 2012

Because we have a website with our names at the top, people are sometimes fooled into thinking we know what we’re talking about, especially when it pertains to fashion or reality television. We were never the types to disabuse people of their notions if said notions made us look better, so we only occasionally threw out the “Don’t look at us; we never said we were experts” excuse because it’s just much easier to let people think you’re smarter than you are.

But really, people. Don’t look to us for an explanation on this one. If anything, we’re asking you to explain it to us. What are we talking about? Why, high-top sneakers with wedge heels, of course.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Runway Wedge High-Top Sneaker


Now, Marc Jacobs is not the first queen to shove a heel under a sneaker. Someone or other has been intermittently peddling the idea going back thirty years. What we really don’t get is a high-top sneaker with a wedge heel; specifically this high-top sneaker with this wedge heel. Because as far as we can tell, you get all the awkwardness of clown shoes with none of the comfort. If these things actually looked like they had heels on them we might understand, but they just look like enormous sneakers. If a gal’s gonna walk around on tip-toe all day, we would have thought she’d at least want to look like she’s doing so, right?

But hey, maybe we’re missing the point. You tell us:

Marc Jacobs High-Top Sneaker Wedges: YEA or NAY?


Looks like a NAY to us, but then again, we’re not the market for them.

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