The Avengers Premiere – The Boys

Posted on April 12, 2012

Lots of cuties wearing lots of really unfortunate suits, darlings. Let’s get to it.


Alexander Skarsgard and Stellan Skarsgard

Daw. That’s kind of cute. We don’t think we’ve ever seen them together before. Sorry, dad. Sonny boy wins this one. His jacket’s a skosh snug but you are wearing an untucked shirt with your suit at a public event and that makes us weep salty tears.


Chris Evans in Gucci

Bald guy in the back seems a little dubious on this suit, but we think it looks great. Love a man working a plaid suit.


Chris Hemsworth

The whiff of douche is strong in this one, but damn if he doesn’t fill out a three-piece. But that’s one undone button too many.


Clark Gregg

We think he’s adorable, so this shiny oil slick of a suit is disappointing. If it wasn’t so shiny, we’d love it.

Man, Jennifer Grey is completely unrecognizable now.


Jeremy Renner

Good God.

Unless you’re planning on whacking someone in a Vegas casino parking lot in 1963, you shouldn’t be wearing this suit.


Mark Ruffalo

Seriously, how hard is it to pose for ten minutes? You can’t maybe button the jacket and make sure everything’s arranged? Too sloppy. And we’re not loving the lack of contrast in the look.


Robert Downey Jr. in Gucci

Oh, RDJ! Can it be? Have all our words of anger and disdain had an effect? You look positively grown up! Or at least as grown up as one can look in a purple suit. No sneakers, no goofy print shirts, just a good-looking man rocking a chic little suit. Was that so hard?


Samuel L. Jackson

Clearly, we’re looking at our next project, now that we’ve fixed Robert Downey, Jr.


Tom Hiddleston

Banker suit. And why does he look like a wax figure from the neck up? That’s a lot of makeup you’re sporting there, Loki.

[Photo Credit: Andrew Evans, David Gabber/PR Photos,,]

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