The Avengers London Premiere – The Boys

Posted on April 20, 2012

These boys are driving us nuts with their inconsistency. One premiere they’re looking fine; the next, they look like they all swapped suits at the last second. Are they only using stylists for every other premiere?


Chris Hemsworth

This looks pretty good. A bit on the shiny side, but at least it’s not black and shiny. He really should skip the vests from now on. They don’t suit him, just like they don’t suit most really large men. But his shirts never look like they fit him correctly.

Okay, Thor. We get it. You put that baby in her.


Clark Gregg

Tieless, unbuttoned black shirt? Oh, Clark. You’ve let Hemsworth and Renner’s bad decisions rub off on you. This is not your look. Also, you should button your jacket and your shoes look kind of beat up.

Jeremy Renner

Thank GOD he ditched the Vegas hitman look, but what the hell is going on with his cuffs? AND HEM YOUR PANTS.


Mark Ruffalo

Wow, he’s really giving face, isn’t he? This is about as good as we can expect from him, what with his apparent narcolepsy and everything.


Robert Downey Jr.

Seriously, how hard is it to wear a suit and a pair of dress shoes for a couple of hours without looking like a homeless person? And apparently he got his shirt from the same place Renner got his.


Tom Hiddleston

Trying too hard. Yes, we’re cranky now. Do you blame us? Smulders and Johannson are sporting tight dresses, 4-inch heels and at least a couple hours’ worth of hair and makeup and some of these sad excuses can’t even be bothered to put the effort in? Bad form, boys.

But fine. We shouldn’t take it out on Tom, who at least has all his buttons done, his tie in place (even if it is pretty sloppily done), and properly hemmed pants. How sad that such things are noteworthy. By the time this press tour is done, we’ll be praising all the men for not having pee tracks on their pants.


[Photo Credit: Landmark/PR Photos, Getty]

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