RPDR: Such Devoted Sisters!

Posted on April 04, 2012

Hit it, girls!

We kinda felt like the criticisms leveled at them were a bit on the arbitrary side. No, they didn’t literally look like sisters, but Phi Phi was the only queen who managed that.

What Jesse Tyler Ferguson said about them looking like friends in a Tyler Perry movie was funny, but it also struck us as a point in Latrice’s favor. She obviously managed to make her man look like a woman and even look like a woman who’s supposed to be standing next to Latrice.

We’re thinking if she’d given him a black wig instead of a blonde one, they wouldn’t have had much to criticize. Granted, he really did look like Rick James in the black wig.

We also thought the striptease (from the .25 seconds of footage we saw) was fun and (sort of) smoothly executed. The more we think about it, the more we think Latrice was only put in the bottom because Aretha was the lip synch and Ru wanted to give her that moment.

It pains us to say this, but Sharon really should’ve been in the bottom.

Yes, she had a camera-hogging jackass with a face like a brick, which means she had it the hardest of any of them.

But this was not the way to go.

But Sharon’s brand of goth glamour really only works on Sharon types: long and lean, with the capability to mimic exaggerated forms of femininity

You try and put it on this guy and he looks like a cross between an insane pirate or an aging glam rocker. She really needed to tone the Sharon Needles look down considerably. What’s surprising is that she didn’t even make the attempt to be witty or funny. This jackass seriously threw her off her game. It seems Ru wanted Kenya to show up and get sent home immediately if she didn’t do something impressive, because Sharon could have easily lost that lip synch against her. Latrice was a sure bet on Ru’s part that Kenya would be sent packing a second time.

It’s so odd. These two looked pretty cute in their striptease…

… and then apparently decided to hit themselves with an ugly stick just before the catwalk.

Those dresses are kind of hideous. What’s with the dowdy hems? His makeup isn’t so hot either. Sometimes when a queen applies her own face to another guy’s face it works (see Phi Phi’s entry) and sometimes the differences in bone structure and proportions are too much to handle it. He seriously needed to re-assess this look. He took a cute guy and turned him into an ugly girl.


[Screencaps: tomandlorenzo.com]

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