Pairs Division: Stone and Garfield

Posted on April 17, 2012

Time to play the body language guessing game, kids!

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield attend “The Amazing Spider Man” Photocall in Cancun. Emma Stone wore a Calvin Klein ensemble.

Because she sure as hell doesn’t look like standing next to him with her arm around him is something she wants to be doing, does it? If she leans to the right any more she’s going to topple over and take him with her.

Also, everything in these pictures wounds us from a fashion perspective. Let’s do this.

SHE: Seems to be wearing two different shades of white and that is simply not kosher. More likely, the shades are the same but the top is just a little sheer, which makes it look different from the skirt. Either way, the effect is awkward. Also awkward is the row of big buttons running down the front. Her hair’s kind of a mess and the makeup looks DIY. Basically, she’s a mess, although we do like the shoes. Score: 4/10. We’re being harsh because you’re so much better than this, Emma.

HE: Looks like a douche. Why he’s wearing a picture of Michael J. Fox on his shirt, we don’t know. And sure, photocalls aren’t formal, but we would expect a little more effort than showing up looking like you’ll be working the register at the local gas station mini-mart. Score: 2/10.

Combined score: 3/10. Hang your heads in shame, pretend-couple.

[Photo Credit: Getty]

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