NewNowNext Awards Red Carpet

Posted on April 06, 2012

Darlings, it was the gayest of gay award shows (gayer than the Tonys and the Oscars COMBINED) as LOGO handed out the NewNowNext Awards. Hit it, LGBTs + allies!


Adam Lambert

Typically Lambertian.

Has he lost weight?


Ashley Madekwe

Sweetie, you have gorgeous caramel skin. Stop pairing it with cafe au lait dresses. They do nothing for you.

Now we’re hungry.


Aysha Tyler

That’s how you do it. You show up looking like you’re ready to hit the dance floor with a bevy of shirtless Muscle Marys.


Busy Phillips

Honey, we hate to bitch at an ally, but your big pants are not fabulous and your Payless shoes don’t go.


Cassie Scerbo

Enh. Don’t love the color, tired of lace, and the shoes don’t really work with it.


Chad Michaels

Damn. Looks like Michelle Visage’s constant bitching got to her. As a character look, it’s perfect, but as a red carpet look, it’s a little on the awkward side.

Great face, though.


China Chow


Our love for this woman is explosive.


Josh Hutcherson

He looks cute but he should insist on standing further away from cameras. That’s kind of an impossible request to make on a step-and-repeat, but these angles make him look positively tiny.


Kelly Osbourne

 Disco fabulous.


Latrice Royale


That is a visual representation of “self-confidence” right there.


Mark Deklin and Brad Beyer

Hello, boys.


Sharon Needles


This bitch has style.


Willam Belli

We realize there’s something more than a little ridiculous about critiquing a drag queen’s shoes, but honey, those shoes aren’t right for that dress.


[Photo Credit: Getty]

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