Kelly Osbourne in Mary Katrantzou

Posted on April 24, 2012

Maybe we should start mainlining pour a second cup of coffee, because we’re very confused by what we’re seeing here and keep staring at it like an optical illusion, waiting for the vase or the old lady to appear before our eyes.


Kelly Osbourne attends the Kreiss 75th anniversary celebration in LA in a Mary Katrantzou dress paired with Yves Saint Laurent shoes.

We’re not talking about the dress. It looks great on her and it’s a really fabulous dress. We’re not talking about the shoes either, because what could possibly be hard to understand about a pair of peep-toes? No, we’re talking about that head.

Forget the hair. It’s fine (although we can see a series of posts about ladies matching their Kool-Aid hair to their dresses a year from now). Or, we should say the color’s fine. It’s the makeup that’s leaving puzzled. From a few feet away she looks like she slapped on some lipstick and stopped there. Get a little closer and you can see that she’s actually sporting quite a bit of warpaint. Her lashes are spidery and her cheeks look like she just got double-slapped but the eyes look weirdly underdone. We’re not saying a gal needs to wear heavy eye makeup every time she goes out, but if she’s putting all that effort into her cheeks and lips and going for a clean eye, it looks unbalanced to us. Paired with that hairstyle, she looks like she was in the middle of washing her makeup off when she realized she was supposed to be on a step-and-repeat and rushed out the door.

[Photo Credit: David Livingston/Getty Images]

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