Katy Perry in Temperley London

Posted on April 20, 2012

It must be exhausting being Katy Perry and having to change your look every two weeks or so.


Katy Perry attends 2012 ASCAP Pop Awards in Hollywood in a Temperley London gown.

Temperley London Spring 2012 Collection/Model: Amanda Hendrick

Can’t get behind the indigo hair, the platform shoes, the pearls wrapped around her wrist or the deliberately placed strap, but this gown is gorgeous. The flower headband is cute too. But seriously, girl. Haul that strap into position, would you? Can you imagine being the designer or the rep who offered this dress, all excited that a major pop star was going to wear it ,and then finding out that she tried to sex it up by going for boob exposure? We’d take her off the list for that one.


[Photo Credit: Getty, elle.com]

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