Jennifer Morrison (x2)

Posted on April 23, 2012

Time to play “Compare and Contrast,” kittens. Or maybe we should call it “Getting it Wrong and Getting it Right.” First, the wrong:


Jennifer Morrison attends the Us Weekly Hot Hollywood Style Event in an Andrew Gn dress.

Andrew Gn Spring 2012 Collection/Model: Carolina Thaler (NATHALIE)

Jeez, we hate to sound stuffy and paternalistic, but standing with your legs far apart in a short skirt – a bubble skirt, no less – does not a flattering picture make. We’d never tell a lady to stand like a lady, nor are we recommending the “gotta pee” crossed-leg pose favored by so many starlets, but honey, maybe you should bring those feet just a little closer together.

Anyway, let’s talk about this look. We hate it.  A high-waisted bubble skirt under a bodice that seems to designed to turn the female shape into a brick is not a good look for anyone. We think her normal blonde locks look awfully fried but we didn’t really like her hair when we saw these pics. That may have been due to the bright red lip color, as well as the over-one-shoulder mermaid hairstyle, because then we saw her like this:

Jennifer Morrison attends the 16th Annual Prism Awards in a Jason Wu dress.

Jason Wu Fall 2012 Collection/Model: Julia Nobis

… and we think everything is working liking gangbusters. It’s amazing what a lip color can do, because now we think the red suits her. She’s got a face that’s unusually symmetrical and open (big eyes, perfect brows, perfectly proportioned features), which means to us that it’s particularly suited for clean makeup. In addition, this dress is both fabulous and flattering, although we would have preferred an inch or two off the hem. We’re not really loving all the strappy sandals on the RC lately, but this gold pair is perfectly suited for the dress. We always were suckers for a black-and-gold combo.

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