In or Out: Lake Bell in Marchesa

Posted on April 13, 2012

Honestly, we don’t get this chick at all.

Lake Bell attends The 15th Annual ASPCA Bergh Ball in NYC in a Marchesa gown.

Marchesa Resort 2012 Collection

She always looks kinda half-assed on the red carpet. And we kindasorta sympathize with those celebs who just don’t like getting dressed up like a prize pony paraded in front of paparazzi.

Alliteration! Just one of the many ways this blog is entertaining!

But look: you’re a celebrity; it’s part of the package. And if you are going to go to the ASPCA Ball (?) in a free multi-thousand-dollar Marchesa gown and you’re going to get your picture taken, would it kill you to maybe put on some makeup and jewelry to go with it? There’s no better way of screaming to the world “I DIDN’T CHOOSE OR PAY FOR THIS DRESS” than by sabotaging it with shitty-to-no styling.

The dress is just okay. That’s not a very flattering color and looking at it on her, we don’t think it’s quite in her wheelhouse. Also, it sits pretty low on her bust and what’s going on in the back there? It almost looks like when they use clothespins to fit the clothes tighter on a model for a photo shoot. Not loving the weird Dippity-Do hair either.

What we’re saying here is, basically, we hate this whole look. Discuss.


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IN! A fresh and clean look!

OUT! A half-assed and sickly look!


The minions couldn’t bring themselves to love Charlize Theron’s Stella McCartney dress, voting the look OUT.

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