In or Out: Ginnifer Goodwin in H&M

Posted on April 30, 2012

Man, we don’t know. Check it:


Ginnifer Goodwin attends the White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner in Washington in an H&M Exclusive Glamour Collection gown.

H&M Exclusive Glamour Conscious Collection

Our thoughts, they are wild and untrammeled. On the one hand, this poor little lassie can’t seem to put heel down to red carpet without a small, quiet disaster occurring. You can tell she really likes fashion and wants to wear interesting things, but the end result is often awkward and ill-suited to her. So when the result is something like this, which doesn’t actually make us wince, like so many other of her red carpet attempts, we’re inclined to do the positive reinforcement thing and possibly overpraise it. On the other hand, we can’t help noticing that the the thick belt, gold clutch and super-strong lip all seem like serious missteps.

On the other, other hand it’s H&M, which, whatever else is going wrong or right, you’ve gotta give the girl props for having ladyballs. They don’t call it Nerd Prom for nothing; she’s spending the night with a bunch of people so image- and money-obsessed that it would make the Vanity Fair Oscar Party look like a 1910 Lawrence, Kansas Temperance League meeting in comparison. And as with all things in 21st Century media life, fashion is a huge part of the evening. This dress, no matter what else, is bold as hell on her part.

Also, to be perfectly fair (or put another way; on the other, other, other hand), it actually is kind of cute on her and suits her well.

Darlings, we take it out of our many hands and put it in yours.



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IN! Romantic and edgy at the same time. Plus, I’m not nauseated by the price point.


OUT! Cheap and badly accessorized. “Lady balls,” my ass. Or something.


Miss Charlize’s Transformers dress was so clearly OUT that the bitter kittens never even bothered with the question of its outness, preferring to spend their time finding new and interesting ways to describe how OUT it was.


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