In or Out: Fergie in Givenchy

Posted on April 02, 2012

What the hell. Instead of our go-to response, which is to trash her choices instantly, we’ll throw this one out to a vote. You bitches can be even more brutal than we are if you’re collectively having a bad day and that’s always fun to watch.

Fergie celebrated her birthday in Las Vegas in a Givenchy dress.

Givenchy Printed Stretch Dress

Someday, she will accidentally try on a dress that isn’t skin tight and express wonder that she can cover her body AND still feel her feet at the same time. We await that day.

But we kinda dig this dress. It’s expected coming from her, which is why we wish someone else had worn it first. It is RIDICULOUSLY tight on her, but it’s not bunching or rolling anywhere, so kudos to her and her shapewear. No kudos go to her hair stylist, however. We don’t care if she demanded it, this hair has GOT to go. Tone it down a little honey; you’re looking very 8 years ago, which is kinda death in your line of work, no? Great shoes, though!


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IN! If you’ve got it, WERQ it!

OUT! Not being able to breathe is never a good look.


Ashley Greene’s sexy ’70s secretary look got nitpicked by some bored Bitter Kittens, resulting in an OUT.

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