In or Out: Emma Watson in Miu Miu

Posted on April 23, 2012

We want to like this; really we do, Miss Ems.

Emma Watson attends ‘Struck By Lightning’ Premiere during the 2012 Tribeca Film Festival in NYC in Miu Miu.

Because if there’s one consistent complaint we’ve had about you, it’s that you sometimes look a bit too put together in a too-precious kinda way. It gives the impression that you’d have a meltdown if the wind made your hair messy. So we were kind of pleasantly surprised to see you here, wearing something a little casual and a little less precious than normal.

But as is so often the case with us, we found our minds changing the more we looked at the pictures. Here’s the thing about pattern-matching: we’re all for it, but we don’t think it works very well when the two patterns are so similar in style and scale. That top doesn’t necessarily clash with that skirt (which is super-cute, by the way), but we don’t really think it does anything for it, either. And while we think that leather jacket is pretty fabulous, it also doesn’t do much for the ensemble. Basically, none of the pieces here really go with the other pieces here, even though separately they’re all fine.

Please don’t be mad at us, Ems. Yes, we’re impossible to please, but we’re pretty sure we’re right on this one. Lose that top and find one that will bridge the skirt and the jacket. And lose the purse. It looks like a makeup case that zips out of your luggage.

The shoes are enh, but we can live with them. Makeup’s a little on the harsh side, especially when paired with the casual hair.


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IN! Shut up, nitpicky bitches!


OUT! What a mismatched mess.



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[Photo Credit: Andy Kropa/Getty Images]

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