In or Out: Debra Messing in Michael Kors

Posted on April 19, 2012

We’re torn on this look.

Debra Messing attends the opening night of ‘Peter And The Starcatcher’ on Broadway in Michael Kors.

Michael Kors Spring 2012 Collection/Model: Hanne Gaby Odiele

Mostly, we find how she dresses for public appearances to be a little disappointing. She clearly likes fashion and likes to be stylish, but more often than not, we think she either makes bad dress choices or makes bad shoe choices.

We’ll give you 2 seconds to predict what we’re going to say next.

It’s the shoes, which apparently is a theme with us today. We like the dress, although we still maintain that hem length can be awfully tricky in most red carpet shots due to the angle. But it’s eye-catching and it fits her like a dream. We’re not super-crazy about animal print dresses, but this works nicely for her. It really didn’t need that snake-necklace thing, though. For one, it didn’t need a necklace at all, and for another, the snake motif is a little too theme-y when paired with a safari-inspired dress. Hair and makeup look great.

It’s those goddamn Payless shoes. Oh sure, they were probably more expensive than the average rent payment, but they sure as hell don’t look it. We think they’re flat-out ugly and almost ruin the outfit. They pull focus, so your eyes go straight down, and considering she’s wearing a skin-tight zebra skin dress with a massive bejeweled snake around her neck, that’s really saying something. Sweetie, wouldn’t a simple pair of black pumps feel good right now?


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IN! It’s all working for me!

OUT! I can’t stand the (choose one) shoe/dress/necklace!


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