In or Out: Dakota Fanning in Elie Saab

Posted on April 06, 2012

Our emotions upon viewing this outfit veered wildly all over the place, partially because we’re just that dramatic and partially because she sort of did what we’ve asked her to so many times before, with results that are… well, see for yourself.


Dakota fanning attends Elie Saab private dinner in NYC in a sleeveless black cocktail dress with peplum and lace detail by the designer.

Elie Saab Pre-Fall 2012 Collection

Prada Floral-Detail Crossbody Bag

Prada Jewel-Toe Taillight Wedge Sandal

Okay, remember how we said she was looking like Casper’s cute sister what with all the pale and skin-colored dresses she favors? And remember how we always tell the little babystarlets that they should have fun and take goofy risks with their clothes because this is the one time in their lives where everyone will let them get away with it?


Clearly Dakota is hanging on our every word, because bam, there’s your black dress and bam, there’s your goofy-as-shit accessories. So it kills us to say this, but we don’t think it’s working. We love the shoes and bag, but they needed a less mature-looking dress to go with it, right? We’re not being total bitches, are we? Like, this dress, which is very nice and looks great on her, should probably be paired with more classic accessories and those accessories should be paired with a more youthful dress, no? We’re not totally out of line for thinking a shoe with a tail light shouldn’t be paired with a classic black cocktail dress, are we?

We feel really bad, you guys. She’s trying and we’re just the mean gay uncles. We’ll say no more. You do it. Tell her.


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OUT! Nice try, kid.


Kerry Washington’s diner waitress getup was voted IN by the minions, who went against our wishes and now will get the silent treatment.


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