H&M Exclusive Glamour Conscious Collection

Posted on April 12, 2012

Press release? Is there something you’d like to share with the rest of the class?

“H&M Conscious launches an Exclusive Glamour Collection

“For fashion lovers, the red carpet has become as exciting as the catwalk, with celebrity gowns now creating their very own trends. As part of its Conscious initiative, H&M has created an exclusive collection of red-carpet looks, all made from more sustainable materials such as organic cotton and hemp as well as recycled polyester. The collection showcases the diversity of what is now possible in greener fashion, with outfits in different styles reflecting the variety of today’s red carpet fashion.”

Sounds like a smashing idea to us. Like it or not, the red carpet drives fashion trends almost as much as fashion magazines do. Granted, we wouldn’t actually make the red carpet connection without H&M telling us to, because these aren’t really the kinds of looks that spring to mind when one hears the phrase “red carpet.” They are, however, very cute and trendy pieces.



Cute, n’est-ce-pas? Amanda Seyfried wore that blue shorts-and-jacket combo last November and we didn’t exactly love it at the time, but there are some sweet little frocks in this line. It’s on sale now and you know how quickly these things sell out, so if you want one, GET UP RIGHT NOW AND BUY ONE. HURRY! SOME BITCH WHO DOESN’T DESERVE IT MAY WIND UP WITH YOUR DRESS! GO! GO! FIGHT FOR YOUR FROCK! RIP IT OUT OF HER HANDS! STEAL IT OUT OF HER BASKET!

We’re such little stinkers, aren’t we?

[Photo Credit: hm.com]

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