ELLE Women in Music Red Carpet

Posted on April 13, 2012

Hey kids! It’s the Third Annual ELLE Women In Music Event at Avalon in Hollywood, California! Let’s judge!


Amy Heidemann

On the one hand, we kind of love her for striking a confident pose rather than the standard “I’m just a girl. A girl who has to pee” pose that most starlets are forced into. On the other hand, that may be a bridge (or in this case, a leg) too far. Don’t love the shape or color of that dress. It’s belted too high. Hair’s kind of fun, though.

Ellie Goulding

 Rocker chick chic.


Jessie J

We’re on record as not loving that hem length, but we’ve been known to be persuaded. What we can not ever be persuaded on is pairing booties with that hem length. Everything else looks pretty good.


Leah LaBelle

Sassy rocker chick chic. Love the shoes.


Melody Thornton

Tacky-ass mess. Your nipples aren’t as fascinating as you think, honey. And you kind of look like you have a skin disease.


Nicole Fiorentino

Was there a blue shoe memo? Cute look, though.


Nicole Scherzinger

Just plain old chic.

Oh Land

Either the Big Bird jacket OR the yellow pantsuit, sweetie. Never both. And your work boots aren’t helping.


Willa Ford


Also, this dress looks cheap, the color’s kind of ugly, and the we’re not crazy about the shoes. But aside from that…


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