Cobie Smulders in Alexandra Vidal

Posted on April 20, 2012

It’s amazing how different a dress looks, depending on the picture. We saw much smaller versions of these pics last night and said “Alrighty, then. There’s our WERQ for the day.”

Note: We don’t really say things like “Alrighty, then.” We prefer “Okey-dokey.” *

*Another lie.


Cobie Smulders attends the London premiere of “The Avengers” in a gown designed by Project Runway Season 1 designer Alexandra Vidal.

Alexandra Vidal Fall 2012 Collection

But we’re afraid we’re going to have to take away the WERQ, now that we’ve seen the dress from all angles. It’s still a high-impact dress, guaranteed to inspire a lightning storm of camera flashes on the red carpet, but there are a couple things here that aren’t working for us. The bottom half looks great; very dramatic in a drag-queen kinda way. And we love a ladystar who can tap into her inner drag queen. The top is interesting, but it feels like it belongs on another dress. The keyhole at the neckline looks roughly finished and the little gaps in the sleeves are distracting. We’re going to assume the roughness of the top was intentional, but we don’t think it plays well with that skirt and it’s kind of distracting to our eyes. It’s still a pretty great dress; just not as great as we originally thought. Also, that hair is not the hair to be sporting with a dress like this.

In case you can’t remember who Alexandra Vidal was, she was the season 1 Project Runway contestant who everyone said looked like Britney Spears back in the days when Britney’s hotness and sanity weren’t questioned.


[Photo Credit: Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images,]

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