Coachella Ladies Part 1

Posted on April 16, 2012

Coachella! The music festival that also doubles as a red carpet! Is it fair to bitch about what the celebs are wearing here? Who gives a shit?


Diane Kruger

Wait. Didn’t they break up? Or is that some guy who just happens to look a lot like Joshua Jackson? And if so, isn’t that a little creepy? Is it as creepy as couples who dress in matching outfits?

This is cute, but we’re thinking those booties STUNK when she took them off at the end of the day.


Emma Roberts

Sisterhood of the Hideous Pants.


Except for the fringe, this is almost chic.

This is not.

Kate Bosworth

 Another case of stank-boot.


Katy Perry

 Stank-boot, but at least her privates are getting a nice breeze.


Lea Michele

 This outfit is just begging for a cigarette burn or spilled beer.


Lindsay Lohan

 Stank-boot. But the outfit’s kind of cute and she looks almost … fresh?


Vanessa Hudgens

Honey, has your dress met Emma Roberts’ pants?

“If you’re going to San Francisco” stank-boot.


Offensive racial stereotype stank-boot.


[Photo Credit: Getty, WireImage]

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