Cameron Diaz in NYC

Posted on April 03, 2012

Cammie provides a primer for younger starlets: How to pose without looking like you’re posing. Take it away, Cammie. She’s trying not to notice the cameras pointed at her. Just a gal running errands in New York, that’s all. After fake-texting for a while in order to look busy, Cammie arranges her face into a grimace, as if to say “Ugh. There are cameras following my every move. How distasteful!” And then, because she knows they won’t stop bothering her until they get the money shot…   SUPERSTAR! The only people in New York who hail cabs like this are people in the midst of being filmed. At least we assume she’s hailing a cab. She kinda looks like she’s about to step into a cartwheel, which would be flipping AWESOME, but since there are no pics of such an event, we have to assume it only happened in our imaginations. Still, cute getup, Cam


[Photo Credit: WireImage]

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