2012 Nickelodeon Awards Red Carpet

Posted on April 02, 2012

Look, don’t start with us. We have no idea who any of these people are either.


Alexander Ludwig

 Cute. We wouldn’t mind that jacket.


Amandla Stenberg in Tony Ward

Not really loving the mustard yellow sash, but those shoes are ADORABLE.


Ariel Winter in Cynthia Rowley

 Like a lampshade in a little girl’s room. Cute, though.


Ashley Tisdale in Kymerah

 From the Carrie White collection. Hiddy dress; hiddy shoes.


Brad Kavanagh

Oh, son. We hope you’ve learned a powerful lesson about how putting your hands in your pockets ruins the line of your skinny pants. Otherwise, good job.


Carlos Knight

 Lorenzo wants this outfit. Tom is doubtful he can pull it off.


Cody Simpson

What’s with all the powder-colored shoes on the men? And when we say “men,” we of course mean “milk-whiskered twinks.”  Not a bad look, but the proportions look a little awkward.


Drake Bell

All the credit in the world for giving it a shot, but … no.


Heidi Klum in Roland Mouret


Isabella Fuhrman in Jason Wu

She’s the age and the type who could pull this look off but the proportions feel weird. Like the shorts are a size too small and the top is just a skosh too big. Also, those shoes are a visual representation of pain.


Jada Pinkett Smith (in Catherine Malandrino), Willow Smith (in Chanel), and Jaden Smith

 The kids look adorable and appropriately embarrassed by their mother.

Jada, it’s a different world from where you come from.


Jesse McCarthey

 Preppy never really goes away, does it? He’s suited to it.


Josh Hutcherson

 Josh, little guys should shy away from the cuffed jean. It only makes you look littler.


Katy Perry in Gerlan Jeans



Kelli Goss



Kelly Osbourne in Tony Ward

 Also cute. We still hate the shade, but we like her hair like that.


Kiernan Shipka

 Little goddess.

But the little goddess should look into shoes with a little color to them. Just sayin’.


Kristen Stewart in Stella McCartney

Honey, let Lily Collins attempt the Snow White-esque royal blues. Not that this looks bad on her, but we kind of want to slap her stylist for the bridesmaid shoes.


Miranda Cosgrove in Porter Grey

 Simple and chic.


Molly C. Quinn

 Got lost on her way to the hoedown, apparently.


Sarah Hyland in Myne

 Chic, but perhaps a little too much so for an event where Katy Perry is dressed like something you get out of a gumball machine.


Selena Gomez in Dolce & Gabbana

She can get away with a belly top at an event like this, but this is kind of an ugly outfit, no? She looks like a cocktail waitress at a theme casino.


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