2012 GLAAD Media Awards Red Carpet

Posted on April 23, 2012

Darlings, it was the GLAAD Media Awards, and for an event that’s all about image, a lot of these folks didn’t seem particularly concerned with theirs. Come on, gays and gay-friendlys; we know it’s not the Oscars, but half of y’all look like you arrived in the clothes you slept in.


Ali Larter in Zac Posen

This is okay. Don’t really love the shoes, though.


Angela Featherstone

Except for the sheer boob panel, this looks a little too business-y for the red carpet. And we HATE the shoes.


Chaz Bono and Cher

Never change, Cher. Never change.

Hate Chaz’s pointy shoes, but it’s ironic that he wears a suit better than most men on the red carpet. It’s perfectly tailored for him.


Gilles Marini

Enh. Too shiny. And we just can’t love double-breasted suits on most guys. Also, tighten your tie, bitch. The gays are watching.


Grant Gustin

If his pants were pants hemmed and the jacket closed, he’d look pretty perfect. The frames are adorable.


Jamie Clayton

Sweetie, your dress seems to be having an identity crisis.


Josh Hutcherson in Z Zegna



Joshua Jackson


Did you spend the night sleeping under a bridge?


Kat Graham



Kristal Oates

As we’ve said before, we do so hate to lay down rules and be dogmatic about fashion, but we’re pretty comfortable stating the following:

There is no gown in the world that can expose your belly button and look classy at the same time.

Also, this is the color of old bras.


Kyle Richards in Ines Di Santo

Also BROUGHT IT. But it does look a tad stiff.


Lady Bunny and Raven

Everything’s great until you get to the bottom half. They’re both sporting some seriously fugly shoes and Raven’s hosiery is a bit sad.


Laura San Giacomo

No gays were consulted in the putting together of this ensemble.


Mark Deklin

Sloppy and ill-fitted. Take it off.


Milla Jovovich in Halston

It’s fine. Looks a bit daytime to us. Not a great color for her.


Miriam Shor

Kind of an interesting dress ruined by hilariously inappropriate shoes.


Sara Gilbert

Y’know, if she’d worn a less sloppy top, this totally would have worked for us.


Tabatha Coffey

Bow down, fuckers.

Wendie Malick

Another cute, if overly stiff and lampshade-y dress. Another pair of shoes we don’t love – or at least, we don’t love with this dress. Suede shoes seem wrong for a strapless dress, but that may just be us.


Trevor Donovan

Underdressed and ill-fitted, but he’s cute and has a nice body, so it’s easier to forgive.

We never said the gays weren’t shallow, darlings.



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