The Hunger Games Toronto Premiere: Da Boys

Posted on March 21, 2012

Let’s show the boys a little love. And by “love” we mean “judge them harshly.”


Liam Hemsworth in Gucci

Gucci Spring 2012 Collection

We’ll say this: he’s a much better dresser than his brother. What a fabulous jacket. We’re partial to the runway look but we know it would never work on him. He’s not the bow tie type. We tend to think, at an event where it’s not unexpected to wear a tie, that if you’re going to go tieless, you get to undo one button. Two just looks a little too casual and besides, it causes your collar/placket to collapse, which never looks good in pictures.


Alexander Ludwig

Welcome to Ernst & Young. HR will be with you in a moment. Please take a seat in our reception area.

It’s fine, but it’s a little too business-y for an actor on the red carpet. And he looks a little sloppy. The fit seems a little off. The pants are voluminous but the jacket looks too tight.


Josh Hutcherson

Boystars? Allow us to lay down a rule for you: No shiny suits on the red carpet. They NEVER photograph well. The pants are too long, the jacket’s tight, and for God’s sake, kid, you couldn’t make sure your shoes were properly tied? If you’re using a stylist, you need to have them whipped.

Also, there’s just not enough contrast between the suit, tie and shirt.

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