The Hunger Games Paris Photocall

Posted on March 16, 2012

You can’t avoid it, darlings! The Hunger Games blitzkrieg is happening whether you want it to or not so get on board or get out of the way!

Actually, these kids look like they could take a break from it all themselves. It’s too early for burnout, kids! Strap a smile on your face and get out there!


Jennifer Lawrence in Tom Ford

Chic and sexy. Not as dramatic as her red carpet looks lately, but it gets the job done. We’re not loving those shoes, but we can’t really put our finger on why, since we usually love a black-and-gold combo.


Elizabeth Banks in Marc Jacobs

This was the dress that launched a thousand google searches. Or maybe just one. You see, some places reported this event as the Paris premiere and some places reported it as a photocall. Given the limited number of participants, as well as the fact that all of them but Elizabeth dressed down for the occasion, we were comfortable assuming this is a photocall and not a premiere. But then, why would Liz wear such a showy dress to a photocall? So we googled and googled, but it seems no one can decide whether this was a premiere or not.

We’re calling it: photocall. And the reason it’s such a showy dress is because Liz has been taking this moment to wear some very showy and attention-seeking dresses. We have a newfound respect for her; not only for being so shrewd, but also for making this dress work like crazy on her.


Liam Hemsworth in Dolce&Gabbana and Josh Hutcherson

Ooooh, boys. You both look like you’ve been celebrating the release of your movie just a little too hard.  Hutcherson’s skin matches his shirt, which is decidedly not a healthy-looking shade. Those are a couple of “I’m fighting the PPJs” faces. Go back to your hotel rooms, have a lot of water and carbs, a hot shower, and a nap, boys. We expect you to look better than warmed-over death the next time you need to poledance. Off you go.


[Photo Credit: Getty]

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