The Hunger Games Germany Premiere

Posted on March 17, 2012

If this gaggle of famewhores doesn’t get the weekend off from their poledancing, then why should we get the weekend off from being judgmental bitches, amirite? Line ’em up! Because two of them got it right and the other two need to look to the two who got it right for guidance.

Confusing, yes. All will be made clear, darlings.

Jennifer Lawrence in Marchesa

Marchesa Fall 2012 Collection/Model: Jacquelyn Jablonski

We would have liked this so much more without the cheap streetwalker shoes. It’s a hell of a dress, but we think she’s making the freshman mistake of letting it do all the work. There’s the aforementioned sad shoes, to which we can add sad clutch and sad hair. Seriously, girl. The hair’s been driving us nuts. You’re breaking out a string of showy dresses and pairing them with second-shift hair. Come on now. You’re too young to be pulling a Jolie.

Elizabeth Banks in Elie Saab

Elie Saab Spring 2012 Collection [modified version]/Model: Abbey Lee Kershaw (NEXT)

Well, Lizzie’s found her type of dress and she’s sticking with it. Vivid shades or red, yellow and orange, usually beaded or with some other form of interest. It’s working like crazy for her and so far, she’s been winning the red carpet for this film hands down. We have newfound respect for her and will cite her as a case study for future ladystars who need lessons in managing the red carpet in order to manage your career.

Oh, and see, JLaw? See how pretty and polished her hair is? Make a note.

Liam Hemsworth in BOSS Black

We’re of two minds here. He’s been wearing a black suit with a vest and black tie for practically every HG appearance. On the one hand, we’re big fans of finding what works and sticking with it. On the other hand, a colored tie wouldn’t kill you, Liam.


Josh Hutcherson in John Varvatos

See, Liam? Josh has been sticking to a uniform as well (lots of greys and neutrals with a vest or sweater), but we can’t honestly say he looks like he’s wearing the same outfit over and over again. The patterned tie against the patterned shirt? Perfect. Visual interest, darlings. It’ll save even the most boring and standard of outfits.


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