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Posted on March 15, 2012

Darlings, pack your tampons, because we’re jetting off to Bali!

SOS Rooftop Lounge & Bar, Bali

The weather’s been all kinds of shitass crazy around here and now we’re both getting sick. Which, as you may know, sucks. So let’s all get pretend-drunk tonight in pretend-Bali, yes?

Tonight’s one-half of the big night! One of these three bitches will get the title of Biggest Bitch on the Block. But not this week, because just like the Harry Potter saga, the conclusion is simply too big too contain in one hour of television. Or they’re dragging it out; take your pick.

Lifetime released a sneak preview of each of the final collections here. Opinions will be mandatory upon viewing.


Since there’s no “Tim visiting the finalists at home” portion of the show, we’re wondering just what it is they’re doing to fill up two episodes. Expect lots of workroom drama.

So, Precious Unborn Fawns, here’s your question of the week:


What’s the best home remedy for a shitty warm-weather head cold?

Answers that allow us to utilize common household ingredients and won’t require us to get dressed and leave the house will receive a gold star.

[Photo Credit: myLifetime, bali.anantara.com – Video Credit: myLifetime.com]

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