RPDR: Seamen on the Catwalk!

Posted on March 07, 2012

This was fine, but we agreed with the judges that it was pretty much a literal showgirl look, which made it kind of an odd choice for a boat-themed Pride float. She looked good, but the concept was kind of half-assed.

That’s the cutest her face has ever looked. She’s putting more effort into the face, but she needs serious help with the clothing. It’s not that a drag queen can’t ever wear a t-shirt, but RPDR isn’t looking for that. They want big stage glamour and performing looks.

Oh please. Girl’s a MESS. Tick-tock, honey.

The only thing interesting about this look was the snake. Everything else was either way overdone (the boat) or oddly low-key (girl, those are NOT drag shoes). The face looks good, but we’re just not getting whatever it is she was going for here.

We felt vindicated when the judging came around because the very first thing we said when she walked out was, “GIRL. Those BOOTS.” They’re totally wrong for the look; so much so that it really sticks out.

But aside from that, she’s fabulous. This may be the first time poor footwear snatched the win out of someone’s hands. Let that be a lesson to you, ladies. In drag, as in life, it’s all about the detailing.

Enh. It’s better, but we’re still puzzled about her. Out of drag she’s this very cute, skinny little boy. In drag, she looks thicker and older than she actually is.  Seriously, when you look at Phi Phi out of drag, you’d think he’d make the most stunning woman, what with his heart-shaped face and big almond-shaped eyes. We think the only reason he’s still in the game is because the judges keep waiting for that “To Wong Foo” moment where the busted-ass queen suddenly becomes Audrey Hepdrag.  And hey, maybe that moment will come, since this look is a definite improvement. We just don’t think it was quite as praise-worthy as the judges did and we have doubts that she can do any better than this.



[Screencaps: tomandlorenzo.com]

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