RuPaul’s Drag Race: Catwalks ‘n Covers

Posted on March 14, 2012

Hit it, Ladyboys!


None of the covers really stood out more than the others. They pretty much all looked cheap and awkward, but Sharon dressing up as Little Edie for a cat magazine cover was kind of genius and the captions were pretty funny.

But the judges don’t want to give her too many wins, so they had to come up with criticisms to justify it. To be fair, we don’t think this look is all that. It’s okay, but it’s sort of generic drag. A glamour girl with no other character traits. We like it better when she does her freaky characters but the judges keep hammering her about glamour. And yeah, we don’t always love the reliance on the freaky contacts, but as she said, it is her trademark and the criticism really only amounts to “I don’t like it.” We don’t blame her for ignoring that kind of criticism, but we do fear she’s going to get sashay’d if she doesn’t do exactly what she’s told.

Blandly unfunny.

We adore Dida more and more the longer she’s on the show, but it seems she can only handle one aspect of her look at a time. It’s either wig, face, or body, but it’s never all three at the same time. Here, the face looks great, but the dress isn’t doing much for her.

Y’know, since the captions on the covers were supposed to be written by the queens and presumably the judging decisions were partly based on them, it would’ve been nice if the fine people at home could actually read them. These things flashed by so fast and they were so small on the screen that we wonder why they even bothered. At any rate, she looks great, but there seems to be no concept here.

Michelle Visage, we luvyahun, but this “I need to see you get messy” critique is a load of horseshit. When does Ru get messy? When does Ru “show vulnerability?” It’s a totally arbitrary criticism and it’s coming out of left field. One of the best things about Chad is that she changes up her looks so much. Jiggly, Latrice, Dida and Willam all look pretty much the same from week to week. Chad’s the one who really indulges in creating characters. So does Sharon. Probably not a coincidence that they’re both getting slammed for it, but we really don’t understand why. This was a great look.

Really bad. A bad picture and no real concept to speak of. The captions aren’t even that funny.

This may get us in trouble, but we’re getting the sense that her self-confidence is causing her to coast. Her catwalk looks are slowly getting worse each week. This dress was absolutely hideous.

Enh. Another bland concept. And that’s not even a good picture of her.

Willam’s got the voice and the character down cold, but there are times when she just looks like a guy in a dress. This wasn’t serving her as well as she seems to have thought. And we have to say, while we initially loved that she was always in character for the show, it’s starting to wear a little thin. Ru and her crew put a lot of importance on “realness” and playing the same character 24/7 is anything but real. After a while, it just gets monotonous. Still, she’s the funniest of the queens. But this week, for the first time, we were scared she was going to go home. The writing’s on the wall and if she doesn’t do something to surprise the judges and break out of her monotonous Valley Girl schtick, she could be sashaying away pretty soon.




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